Squirrly SEO – Initial Impressions

As per Squirrly signup email, it’s been 1.5 hours since I activated my account on Squirrly. So assume these are my impressions since 90mins I have activated the software – got myself familiarized to the new system – dashbaord etc.Since I can’t test a brand new seo plugin on actual sites – (well I don’t wanna jinx what’s working for me ) however using an SEO plugin on a new site without any traffic also is meaningless.

So I decided to sacrifice “one of my own personal sites” for this testingFirst impressions: Lot of stuff in this plugins – I had remarked earlier one can get overwhelmed – and its actually true.

Installation of Squirrly Plugin

I installed the plugin – activated the plugin with my email address and password and within 5 mins I was able to activate, import my exisitng rank math settings etc into Squirrly.A word of caution – this plugin doesn’t import Redirections so in case you have redirects active using Rankmath etc – you will need to first find a way to take care of it as Squirrly won’t do that job for you.

On Page Speed Performance with Squirrly

Myth: This will cause an issue in terms of On-Page Speed.

Well actually, I had this myth but as per my gtmetrix score – It doesn’t seem to be the case. I score 98 Performance, 96 Structure so I guess I will consider it as a myth as of now.Speed issue in WordPress backend need to be checked

Keyword Research

I was excited to use this for keyword research, but the keywords I found here using my seed keyword were not exactly the ones I wanted . So for me, using this for keyword research is as of now not usable

Audit Page

The basic premise of Squirrly is Audit Page wherein you can add audit page – which squirrly cloud will check for various factors and gives you a list of recommendationI like the idea of this. I did add a page of and got a list of few recommendations which I missed in first place.

For e.g – I forgot that I hadn’t added social share buttons for this specific website.It also shows number of social shares for this page etc.. Which is good as it helps to understand social signals.

Live Assistant

This is similar to Rank math wheren in you are given various checklists that need to be fulfilled in order to get a well optimized seo article.

I liked the idea of having free copyright images in the panel to be added directly. In a recent case study by frase, it shows you can do well in content marketing if you have an average of 8+ images on your post.

So people who are looking to get access to related unsplash images with a click of buttons – this becomes a good tool

While using this live assistant, I thought of two more points to add to my original checklist of rankmath. So yes, this is helpful

GSC Rankings

You can connect your google analytics and google search console and get the list of all your keywords which you ranking from search console – get those exact keywords, -impressions etc which is great. Frankly for this site – I hadn’t checked search console for a while – so I did come to know of few keywords which I can utilize the page further

Initial impressions

Limit on number of focus pages – is the only thing which is holding me back frankly. On a full tier , a person would get just 100 focus pages – that too its 10 per site. If the limit per site was removed and / or focus pages increased – this would have been hell of a deal.

You can remove the audit pages and replace it with other – but it defeats the purpose.

P.S: Live Assistant wont work for Oxygen sites
if you are using Dynamic templates like ACF.

I coined a new terms yesterday – WAW  ( wait and watch )

As of now I am on single stack and would closely look how it helps my site in question to improve and whether its worth stacking.