Send SMS Freely now with help of Gmail

Indians love free stuff. They love to send funny forwards, pics etc to their friends/relatives etc.  It is one of the reasons why teenagers use free sms websites like, etc. Now all this will finally change as  GMail has finally launched its free SMS facility in India. Major telecom operators Vodafone ( few regions ) , Reliance, Tata Docomo , Aircel (excluding Airtel ) are supported as of now.

Features of this service

  • Each Gmail user receives 50 credits per day
  • 1 credit is deducted for each SMS sent.
  • 5 credits is added for every SMS replied via mobile phone. ( maximum 50 limit  per day )
  • 50 credits are refilled every day.

So what are you waiting for. Starting sending free sms to your friends right from your GMail.