Indian Railways Train Running Information Now Live with Rail Radar

Update: Below is the QR Code for Rail Radar for Indian Railways

Indian Railways has started to catch up with technology.  It launched new train running information tool powered by Google Maps by the name Rail Radar. Using this tool you just need to enter your train number and it will map you its current position ( last station crossed with last updated time ) .  It will show important information like route map, its current status ( delayed , on time ) ,  total stops of the said train etc.

I did a quick search using the tool for train 12925 Paschim Express (  Bandra Terminus to Amritsar Junction )  BDTS to ASR via Delhi.

Below is the screenshot attached.

The tool is pretty much self-explanatory to use. I have annotated keys points of the tool.

So next time if you wish to get train running information, make sure you use this.