OMG! Toothbrush with wireless capability to detect if you brushed properly

Well, who says people can’t think of craziest thing to do with technology. I just read an article on DNA India which talked about a tooth brush that will remind users if they have brushed and if so have they done it properly.  From what I could understand, the toothbrush will have wi-fi capability and a dedicated app to give stats and information.

So if you are one of those who forget to brush their teeth daily, I think you should go ahead and pre-order it. At the face of it, I find it funny. But afterthought, this might be cool for crazy moms to keep a check on their “kids”. LOL…If put in that way.. you really do see potential .. don’t you .. 😛

What next.. a razor with sensor to detect if you need shave ? Any takers…

Source: DNA India