Nimbus Note to Answer Emails That Require Lengthy Explanations

Have you ever found yourself in the position where you need to write a lengthy explanation or answer for an email? For example, maybe your customer is asking about how to add a product to their WooCommerce site or how their order was shipped and they want to know why it took so long. You don’t just want to send them an email with a brief response because they deserve more than that!

Fortunately, there are plenty of tools that can be used for this specific usecase. One such tool is Nimbus Note, which allows you to write Formatted Notes and share as public pages with your clients.

Nimbus Note is a pretty cool app. It’s a note taking app that syncs across all of your devices, and it’s free to use! You can use it for anything you want – from writing down an idea for your next big project, to planning out what you’re going to say in the meeting with your boss this afternoon.

If you have Nimbus Note Pro you can take advantage of Branding / CNAME to establish further authority and look more professional. You can attach screenshots, images, audios , videos . You can also add outline to your note. Furthermore, you can even embed javascript codes to add chat widgets and much more.

Consider a scenario :

Client has sent you 10 questions and requires detailed explanation for this.

Answering these 10 questions which in my case also requires to provide few screenshot , highlights etc and in some cases walkthrough.

For few of these instances, we have started using Nimbus note to answer these questions


  1. Each question is created as a Heading ( select any heading of your choice ) and we highlight this heading
  2. Next each question is answered with its relevant answers. Can attach screenshots too ( can use Nimbus Capture for this purpose )
  3. Ofcourse, we add outline at the very top, so that it easier for client to go through all the questions and move to each of the questions asked
  4. You can embed videos too ( Can use nimbus capture, loom , berrycast , whatever works for you ) to explain answers in details
  5. And the reason to use Nimbus Note – bring your own branding , logo , cname to play
  6. Create a public link with / without password and share it with client.
  7. Go a step further and user shortners ( bitly etc ) whichever works for you use incase you want to track links
  8. The workspace can be embedded with your chat widget ( crisp etc) so that user can further ask queries right there from the page itself

In case client hasn’t clicked the link ( one more reason to use link shortners ) , you can edit the documents in case some last minute changes / edits need to be made.

So how are you using Nimbus Note today?