Nimbus Note For Project Reports

I have used my fair share of project management/reporting tools with SuiteDash, ClickUp, Basecamp, Nifty, etc., to name a few, in my digital marketing agency.

The tools mentioned above are excellent for internal teams, project management, and sharing progress reports/handling communication with technically skilled clients. In short, clients who understand slack, etc.

However, it is often an overkill for non-tech clients who often find these tools overwhelming.

In some cases, the clients just require end-of-the-month reports and progress reports for the work done. In such a case, Nimbus Note can be a perfect companion/replacement to traditional email/ pdf reports. 

As I might have mentioned earlier, Nimbus Note can be used as it allows to embed videos, audio, images, pdfs, chat tools ( for providing instant support ) across the public page links that you share.

Case Study

At our own company, we are continually trying to improve our workflow📊 and customer experience🥇and deliver an exceptional experience to our clients.

We did a recent survey back in Nov 2020 with all our existing customers, and surprisingly we discovered that more than 70% of our customers only required

  • 🗂️ Project Updates
  • 📝Task Completed Summary
  • 📕 Project Reports

Many were overwhelmed with our full-featured Project Management tools ( to be read as SuiteDash, Nifty, etc.).


With this recent finding, we started slowly using Nimbus Note as an All-In-One-Note to help our clients get

  • 📈Project Status Summary – Bird’s Eye View
  • 🗓️Tasks Status Of Their Current Project
  • 🗃️View and Download Reports
  • 📚View and Download Assets Related to their project.

All this with a single branded CNAME public link shared with the client / all stakeholders. We use link shorteners for our client reports for

  • Link Tracking
  • Better accessibility to reference them for clients, i.e., client A Feb reports can always be accessed with link


  • The client no longer needs to login into our client portal to access their project reports, assets, etc.
  • The Branded CNAME public links still helps us maintain our authority/value as a top digital marketing agency in India.
  • Non-Tech Clients – no longer need to spend time to understand the plethora of new project management tools. They can access all that’s required with a Single Click.
  • We update client report notes in real-time. So in case of client A wishes to access Feb Reports, they need to visit


While using Nimbus Note for Client Reports according to the plan outlined above is a great idea to reduce friction amongst clients to access reports, it does come with its disadvantages.

  • No Security Trail / Audit:  Since public links are shared as per the existing setup, you can’t control how the shared links are accessed/forwarded to others. If data/reports shared are confidential, then this system should not be used. You can password-protect documents along with password protecting links.
  • No Time Log: Nimbus Note doesn’t have a time log associate with public links. So in case you are required to show a time log along with your project report, the above system cannot be used.
  • No Invoice Mechanism: Since this setup is mostly a client reporting setup, Nimbus Note can’t be used to send across invoices along with the public link.

However, for smaller projects, Nimbus Note can be used as a Client Reporting Tool.

What are your thoughts?

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  1. Hi Kaushal,
    Good to see the seamless flow of thoughts on using Nimbus!

    Yes, most of the clients ask for simple mechanisms for their workarounds. This prooves good for the Non Techie Clients.

    Nice to see the caveat points of using Nimbus for reports.

    Cool n Awesome insights 👍

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