Nimbus Note For Project Reports

I have used my fair share of project management/reporting tools with SuiteDash, ClickUp, Basecamp, Nifty, etc., to name a few, in my digital marketing agency.

The tools mentioned above are excellent for internal teams, project management, and sharing progress reports/handling communication with technically skilled clients. In short, clients who understand slack, etc.

However, it is often an overkill for non-tech clients who often find these tools overwhelming.

In some cases, the clients just require end-of-the-month reports and progress reports for the work done. In such a case, Nimbus Note can be a perfect companion/replacement to traditional email/ pdf reports. 

As I might have mentioned earlier, Nimbus Note can be used as it allows to embed videos, audio, images, pdfs, chat tools ( for providing instant support ) across the public page links that you share.

Case Study

At our own company, we are continually trying to improve our workflow📊 and customer experience🥇and deliver an exceptional experience to our clients.

We did a recent survey back in Nov 2020 with all our existing customers, and surprisingly we discovered that more than 70% of our customers only required

  • 🗂️ Project Updates
  • 📝Task Completed Summary
  • 📕 Project Reports

Many were overwhelmed with our full-featured Project Management tools ( to be read as SuiteDash, Nifty, etc.).


With this recent finding, we started slowly using Nimbus Note as an All-In-One-Note to help our clients get

  • 📈Project Status Summary – Bird’s Eye View
  • 🗓️Tasks Status Of Their Current Project
  • 🗃️View and Download Reports
  • 📚View and Download Assets Related to their project.

All this with a single branded CNAME public link shared with the client / all stakeholders. We use link shorteners for our client reports for

  • Link Tracking
  • Better accessibility to reference them for clients, i.e., client A Feb reports can always be accessed with link


  • The client no longer needs to login into our client portal to access their project reports, assets, etc.
  • The Branded CNAME public links still helps us maintain our authority/value as a top digital marketing agency in India.
  • Non-Tech Clients – no longer need to spend time to understand the plethora of new project management tools. They can access all that’s required with a Single Click.
  • We update client report notes in real-time. So in case of client A wishes to access Feb Reports, they need to visit


While using Nimbus Note for Client Reports according to the plan outlined above is a great idea to reduce friction amongst clients to access reports, it does come with its disadvantages.

  • No Security Trail / Audit:  Since public links are shared as per the existing setup, you can’t control how the shared links are accessed/forwarded to others. If data/reports shared are confidential, then this system should not be used. You can password-protect documents along with password protecting links.
  • No Time Log: Nimbus Note doesn’t have a time log associate with public links. So in case you are required to show a time log along with your project report, the above system cannot be used.
  • No Invoice Mechanism: Since this setup is mostly a client reporting setup, Nimbus Note can’t be used to send across invoices along with the public link.

However, for smaller projects, Nimbus Note can be used as a Client Reporting Tool.

What are your thoughts?