Need Avatars – Try This Website

ui-facesMany a time while designing layouts in Photoshop, you might be required to use profile photos / headshots / avatars of users. It might be to showcase testimonials, ratings , reviews or even team members.  Find such snapshot / headshots can be time consuming. Luckily there is a website that allows you to download and use authorized faces of people in your design.

You can select avatars from 24px size to 128px size. The site also lets you further customize your avatars. You are presented with option to define

  • border-radius ( if you need rounded corner avatars )
  • spacing  ( spacing between consecutive avatars )
  • container width ( width of container )
  • background color of avatar

There are almost 2500+ avatars to select from. So next time if you require some avatars in your design, do check out this website.