Making Money Online Through EMD – CPC – Adsense

Well, thanks to recent Google Panda Update, things are bit crazy in office.  Few SEO Services which were active till last month – are no longer useful to clients. As a result,  business has been affected quite a bit this month. Needless to say, I find a bit “free” time in office doing nothing.

It’s in times like these, that I find myself attracted to the idea of “affiliate marketing” and “adsense”.

Ya ya.. . I earn few bucks from Affiliate and Adsense monthly, but that’s not considerable enough when I look in retrospection. I can do wayyyyyyy better if I organize , implement stuff in a better way.

Now coming back to the point for newbies…who are looking/finding ways to make money online – you can easily earn money online through Adsense.


    1. Find good keyword that has enough searches monthly ( 1000+ US Searches monthly )
    2. EMD of the same keyword should be available ( EMD  = Exact Match Domain  preferably .com/.net/.org )
    3. CPC of the keyword should be $1+ ( Cost per click  = data available at google adwords should be more than $1+ )
    4. Create a website based on this keyword and do bit of SEO to rank
    5. Add Google Adsense code to website and start earning !!!

      The difficult part,

        1. This concept of Microniche Site is over 5+ years old.
        2. Its tough to find such keyword for newbies

          There are few tools available online which make the part of “keyword research” easier.

          1. Micro Niche Finder ( affiliate link )
          2. Keyword Scout ( affiliate link )

          Both of the tools mentioned above make the task of “keyword research” bit easier.   I use both of these to make my websites. If not,  you can use google adwords ( free ) to do your keyword research and get such results without any cost.   I plan to build 5 sites this month.  Plan to update frequently this blog.



          P.S.  Just in case..

          If you wish to make a custom website that earns you money online , get in touch with me –  maybe I can provide you service to create your own “money making website”