How to Use Nimbus Note to Write Your Blog Content

Before reading my blog post I highly recommend viewing my video

The idea behind creating this template is to prepare content blog post for WordPress Websites in Nimbus.

Since there is no plugin/ functionality inside Nimbus Note to check the structure and content checklist, this template helps to ensure that blog post written meets the “industry standards” of good practices. The template uses guidelines as suggested by Rank Math along with few more checks. Feel free to add your own checklist or modify this list 😇

Nimbus allows you to embed

  • Audio ( SoundCloud )
  • Video ( YouTube )
  • Provide Outline similar to Table Of Contents.

While writing blog post in nimbus

  • H1 tag can be replaced with large heading
  • H2 tag can be replaced with medium heading
  • H3 tag can be replaced with small heading

My Personal Checklist For Writing Blog Content on Website

Sr. NoBlog PostChecklist
1Focus Keywordfocus keyword
2LSI Keywordskeyword1, keyword2, keyword3
3Title / Meta TitleTitle of the post
4Title Character Size (max 60-65 characters with spaces)Yes/ No
5Focus Keyword used at the beginning of SEO title.Yes/ No
6Title contain a positive or a negative sentiment word.Yes/ No
7Title contains at least one power word.Yes/ No
8SEO title contains a number.Yes/ No
9Focus Keyword is in the SEO TitleYes/ No
10Meta DescriptionThis is description of blog post
11Meta Decription ( max 160 characters with spaces )Yes/ No
12Focus Keyword used at the beginning of Meta DescriptionYes/ No
13URL slug/focus-keyword
14Permalink Length ( max 75 characters long )Yes/ No
15Focus Keyword is in the URLYes/ No
Blog Post Content
16Focus Keyword appear in the first 10% of the content.Yes/ No
17Focus Keyword found in the contentYes/ No
18Content Legth > 600 words longYes/ No
19Sub Headings in H2 / H3Yes/ No
20Keyword Density 1-2%Yes/ No
21Content Linking External ResourcesYes/ No
22Do Follow in ContentYes/ No
23Internal Links In ContentYes/ No
24Content contains images and/or video(s)Yes/ No
25Content is using short paragraphsYes/ No
26Focus Keyword found in image alt attribute(s).Yes/ No
27Table of Contents / Outline CheckedYes/ No
28Featured ImageYes/ No
Content Quality Check
29Grammarly CheckYes/ No
30Copyscape CheckYes/ No