Flipkart please add option to filter by Seller

Flipkart Marketplace Model

Flipkart introduced marketplace almost a year back. It was great to see lot of other sellers on Flipkart and one would hope that you would get same kind of service and quality of products as received by Flipkart WS-Retail. However from many past bad experiences with me and my friends, I lost trust in other sellers on Flipkart. That’s not to say there are all bad sellers on Marketplace- but it’s just that I am no longer comfortable buying from any seller other than WS-Retail.

Please have WS-Retail Fulfilled Checkbox in filters

When you try to find a product that you require on Flipkart these days, you would not see option of WS-Retail seller for many products and instead find some other selling the product. Atleast for the products I require, I didn’t find WS-Retail selling. Now the whole point of my shopping with Flipkart is the convenience, fast delivery and trust on the brand. Frankly, I would not buy on Flipkart from other seller – and prefer to do it offline then from local store. I feel like me, there would be many such users who would be of the same opinion. An extra filter option to select just Flipkart fulfilled/ WS-Retails products like we have Amazon Fulfilled would be great. It would make my life much simpler to narrow down the choices I have for shopping and whether or not I should go ahead with the purchase.

I am keen to know what other buyers feel of this strategy. Do you purchase from other sellers on Flipkart? Wouldn’t it be great to have such feature?