Engage with Your Customers Using Zopim

zopimRecently, a client needed to use some sort of  a chat messenger to carry out many to one communication  i.e. many visitors could interact with single business entity ( ask questions and get answers in real time ) .   After researching various chat modules available I decided to use Zopim for this purpose.  What makes Zopim special??


  • Zopim offers a full-fledged free trial for 14 days allowing to explore all the bells and whistles of the service and select an appropriate package once trial ends.
  • As of now, Zopim allows to integrate with available IM network like Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, AOL which means you can use your existing favorite chat client to interact with visitors on website.
  • Zopim can be further customized via its powerful API. You can pass Name, Email Address to zopim, customize chat window and register callback  ( triggers ) events for specific actions.
  • Zopim also has many triggers which you can customize as per your requirements
  • You can event set shortcuts in Zopim for e.g. #xyz will display predefined text to visitor when typed by business entity.
  • All visitor data is available beautifully on dashboard and can be exported for future references.
  • Readily available plugins available for WordPress and various other popular platforms . Installation is as easy as adding few lines of code to your website pages.