Employee Monitoring Software for Small Scale Business

Consider a scenario where

  • you are the boss and have your employees working for you.
  • You are the “only” chain of command and there is no supervisor overseeing your staff, while you are way.
  • You have an important meeting to attend and will not be there at your office for the day.

You have assigned task for your staff to complete. Seeing that there is no boss, its usual for staff to waste their time doing “unproductive work” on the computer/internet ( visit facebook, stream music, download stuff etc ) . If you require to monitor internet activities / computer activities of your staff while you are not at your desk, you can use software like Activtrak to monitor your employees. It works in an invisible mode, leaving absolutely no footprint so that your employee can hack – crack his activity online/offline ( applications + internet ) .

With ability to categorize websites into productive, non productive , taking screenshots periodically this is a neat software package bundled together. All stats / reports can be viewed online.

The software allows free installation on 3 workstation with 1 users.  For more workstations monitoring you can checkout various plans offered by company.