Dealing with To Do’s

I have fiddled with many apps to record my daily to-do’s.  Wunderlist, Trello, Evernote, Asana, Todoist , – yes I have tried them all.  Last week I tried another online journal Penzu. However nothing beats the classic pen and paper method. I use a Squared Rule Notebook ( ya the one we used in schools for maths for addition/multiplication ) and have implemented my own hacked version of Bullet Journal. Digital tools though have its advantages as the alllow easily to copy / paste tasks/ shuffle – reshuffle tasks to next day or future date.

Of all the digital tools I tried I loved Trello and Penzu. My workflow usually starts with finalizing my things to be done on Penzu note. I then move on to create cards with checklists to be done On Trello. I also like to record the same in my notebook.

This week, I also set up a private WordPress blog to record my journals of to-do’s customized as per my needs.  Did you know using simple plugins like Private Only And WordPress Front-End editor you could create a simple To – Do journal. Front-End editor allows to strike-through completed tasks, add more items to the list as the day progresses.