Create a Content Strategy – Don’t Just Jump into Writing Content

I’ve seen a lot of businesses and individuals make this mistake – They see that their content is not ranking well in Google search and jump right into creating more content. Also the content so created is without any adequate content marketing strategy or interlinking strategy in place.

The problem with just adding content without proper Pillar/Cluster & Internal Linking strategy – is that you are just adding more pages to your site.

This won’t provide any significant advantage for your website in terms of SEO.

No doubt, with the new plethora of GPT3 tools in the market, creating content has become easier. But before jumping into content writing – ensure that you have a proper content strategy in place.

For all our client who opt for our content marketing services – the first thing we do is analyze their existing blog posts.

We create a Pillar / Cluster model along with Internal Linking Strategy.

While some internal links would obviously start appearing as and when you start adding more articles to website – but having a predefined strategy – helps us and client to understand the rough architecture and content marketing plan.

It also helps us to add new articles in an efficient manner.Moreover, it assures us that the content is not going haywire and at worst case – we have a rough guideline for future posts.

Our client can see how their blogposts are/ will be interconnected with each other by following internal links within their own website.