Content Marketing Workflow in 2021

We have been successful in helping our clients achieve 100/100 SEO score on RankMath plugin for Blog Posts.( rankmath score ).

Our workflow for the client long form content consists of following things:

  1. Content Marketing Strategy by us ( ya we decide the pillar / cluster )
  2. Keyword Research: We do appropriate keyword research and target long tail keywords.
  3. We teach our clients the basics of writing good seo content
  4. We create a brief outline for the topic for client
  5. Client creates the article based on the brief, outline, keywords and send us the completed long form content along with appropriate images.
  6. In case images aren’t received, we add relevant images to the blog posts.
  7. The content so received, is checked on on grammarly.
  8. We also go step forward and check the long form content on copyscape.
  9. If any issues at any stage in Grammarly, Copyscape we send it back to our clients for appropriate corrects/ rephrasing. ( unless we can do it ourselves.
  10. Final content, received is added to WordPress and properly formatted.
  11. We add table of content , relevant headings etc.
  12. We add appropriate SEO Meta Title/ SEO Meta description.
  13. In some cases, we rewrite the blog intro if required for the client

Ensuring get a good score for the blog post on Rankmath – ya that’s a lot of work, but client is able to bring their own personality / style while writing content. I love this new workflow.