Step-by-Step Guide for Updating Your Really Old WordPress Website

Alright, while running a digital marketing agency – you will come across few client’s websites that haven’t been updated for quite a while. Often these sites are not updated as clients don’t want to spend extra money for WordPress maintenance or don’t really care unless and untill something breaks. Well today, I needed to update…

Inkforall: Optimizing Your SEO Content Writing Workflow

Do you have a hard time getting your content writing done? Are there too many steps in your workflow that are slowing down the process and making it difficult to get things done? You’re not alone! Many people have been looking for ways to optimize their SEO content writing workflows without success. Personally, I use…

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Squirrly SEO – Initial Impressions

As per Squirrly signup email, it’s beenĀ 1.5 hoursĀ since I activated my account on Squirrly. So assume these are my impressions since 90mins I have activated the software – got myself familiarized to the new system – dashbaord etc.Since I can’t test a brand new seo plugin on actual sites – (well I don’t wanna jinx…

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