Building Your Articles with the Help of a Book’s Table of Content

Come on face it! You want to be the new age writer and use all the latest tools available at your disposal to write a smacking copy! I know most of you are better writer than me. But, neverthless I hope this post helps you a bit.

There are some days when we can’t find the right words to complete our articles. You might have a brilliant idea in mind but for whatever reason, it just refuses to come out.

You could seek help of Nichesss to create Brief Outline or better yet use Frase / Marketmuse to create a brief outline. Yes it works, but in some cases when you need to write a technical article or on a topic which doesn’t have good SERP results in first 20 positions – you will get stuck.

In such cases, you can search for books about the related topic on Amazon Kindle or likes and download the Table of Content about the book. Table of content usually contains the topics that the author will cover within their book.

You can use it as inspiration to write about similar topics or ideas, or just simply use it for referencing if needed.

There are some tricks that will help in structuring your article. One is by creating a list of points ( brief outlines ) that needs to be discussed in the article. The next thing is listing all those points under their respective sections so they don’t get mixed up together ( brief outline sub sections) .

Finally once you have got the perfect brief outline, use the tools at your disposal and create a brilliant copy that flows well together – a copy that resonates with your audience.