Building A Website For Client – Make Sure You Don’t Forget This

I am sure every web developer has a checklist of things that require to be done for a client’s website. While the usual W3c validation, CSS 3 validation , google analytics integration always figure in the  list of web developers – there are few more “extra” things that I add personally for my and client’s safety to every website that I make. I would like to share with you today.

Uptime of Website :  If you are tapping local web development market, invariably most of the client want you or your company to look after the hosting of website as well.  Uptime of the website is most important factor for any business / person. I personally don’t like client’s calling me and saying their website is not working because of hosting issues. Sometimes I am even embarrassed if I didn’t know before hand about this situation.  To save myself from this embarrassment I have added checking uptime of website as priority in my checklist while developing website. There are many tools online which lets you monitor uptime of your website at regular intervals. Tools like Uptime Robot lets you monitor more than 50 website at once and alerts you in case of any issues.

I prefer to keep keyword check on for all my client’s site on uptime robot with specific keyword for each website. This helps to get alert even when site gets hacked/defaced.

WordPress Security Plugin: It’s a fact. Many web developers love to use CMS to develop website. It eases the burden to edit the pages / add features at later stage. Every developer prefer one cms over other and I prefer WordPress. Though there are instances where Joomla / Drupal make a better option for sites but first and foremost option for me to use would be WordPress. Of late, I have seen many wordpress sites getting hacked due to weak passwords, outdated version etc.  I try to use Better WP Security plugin for most of my new wordpress sites as it gives enough options to deter hackers.

Enough of tips today, will update with few more checklists soon.