Applying Tags to Your Content: Nichesss

In this post,I will be going over the importance of tags and how they can help you in your content creation process.

While creating content using gpt3 tools like Nichesss, I am not sure if you have realized yet – your outputs are strongly dependent on your inputs. So in case you get a very good output, ensure that you tag exactly – what , how you wrote your input to get the desired output.

Workflows are important. Having a proper workflow while writing and generating content will make all the difference. So that is why you need to have tags in your content generation process. While I have not yet started using tags properly in Nichesss , but here is the tagging system I am planning to use going forward

Client Name – ( Purpose ) – ( Type)
So it can be like

  • ClientABC,Social,Review
  • ClientABC,LP,Features
  • ClientDEF,Blog,Intro

Ofcourse you can create your own system and make it. But start tagging as it will help you get type of inputs you need to get desired outputs much faster.It will be a great way to categorize and find content that is relevant to your needs according to type or by purpose. So start using tagging as part of your workflow while creating content with gpt3!