Adding Blog Post To WordPress Using Microsoft Word

Did you know that you can actually use Word to publish directly to your WordPress blog?

Over the past few months, I have seen many of my “writer” colleagues, friends switching to other blog platforms like Tumblr, Ghost and even Medium for the simple reason being that these platforms are much simpler than WordPress and helped them to focus more on content. It provided a distraction free writing environment and helped them to focus literally at the most important task at hand of writing. While I do certainly agree with few points put forward, as over the last few years WordPress has matured into a very sophisticated piece of software/cms that can be used to do almost all sorts of things. Whether you wish to create a membership site, create a learning management system, corporate website or even support portal – WordPress can handle each and all of these tasks. Current admin panel of WordPress is filled with loads of features and for newbie can be very intimidating.

But for all those who are looking to use WordPress just as a blogging platform, you can bypass this intimidating Admin panel and use word processor like Microsoft Word to post directly to your wordpress blog once you have installed WordPress correctly on your domain.

So next question that would come across your mind, is how is this possible?

Well, Microsoft Word 2007+ allows you to add a blog post, and post it directly. Just select New from Word and instead of Selecting Document – select Blog post from the option provided. While setting up blog post for the first time, it will ask you to validate your blog credentials. Once blog credentials are validated, you will be presented a Word interface with option to add your Blog Title, Blog article. You can even insert pictures, categories, hyperlinks etc.

More information about this can be found here

It’s a pretty easy. This blog post infact was written in Word and posted directly to my blog.