A Week With Windows Phone 7.5 – My Views

Its been almost a week since I got my Windows Phone – Samsung Focus S.  So let me give a jist of my things of what I like and don’t like.

Contact Import : Perhaps the most important part for any individual migrating from one phone to other is importing contacts from old phone to other.  I had lot of trouble importing my blackberry contacts to Windows Phone.  Perhaps because I had different lists in blackberry. It was real pain to migrate my contacts from blackberry to windows phone. Moreover the “People” tab of Windows Live doesn’t have option to select all and delete. So any mistake while importing, you will need to delete multiple contacts by selecting one a time.

Integrating with Facebook: Perhaps the best feature of Windows Phone is the ease with which it integrates with Facebook and lets you keep updated with your social circle. Finding latest facebook update of your friend is just a slide away. Pretty cool feature.

Apps: There aren’t million apps like iOS and Android. But essential apps can all be found in Windows Marketplace.  Currently I find myself using more than 20 odd apps.

  1. Whatsapp : Favorite messenger to text and send pics to your friends and colleagues
  2. Samsung Photostudio: Edit photos, add effects, take panoramshot and much more
  3. Skydrive: Upload your stuff to Windows Skydrive
  4. Dropbox Viewer: Check your dropbox account on Windows Phone
  5.  Evernote: Sync notes and clips online
  6. Facebook Touch: There is official facebook app, but I find this better. It helps you view facebook on your windows phone.
  7. Twitter:  Send tweets on the move.
  8. Scan: It lets you scan QR codes and bar codes.
  9. Weave News Reader:  Read latest online news from various sites including Techcrunch, engadget, reuters n more.
  10. Skype: Make phone calls over wi-fi and much more.
  11. Notelocker: Write private notes – comes with password protection
  12. Adobe Reader: Read adobe pdf files
  13. gMaps: Google Maps for Windows Phone
  14. IM+: Multi messenger for Windows Phone. Lets you connect to google talk, yahoo and aol accounts and much more.
  15. Office Suite: Microsoft Office suite is comprehensive and enough  for basic office tasks.

That said, there are plenty of more marketplace apps which one can use. As of now these apps are enough for me to work online.

What I lack is an app to view pc remotely like teamviewer for windows phone. Hopefully, will be able to see something similar in marketplace.

Live Tiles &  Display: I absolutely love the Windows 7.5 Display and find it refreshing. The brightly lit tiles across black background is pretty cool.

My Phone: Being a 4.3″ phone with Super Amoled the display looks pretty neat. Camera with 8MP rear and 1.9MP front is pretty good. Image stabilization is pretty decent if not awesome.  Build quality and sound quality is also decent.


Enough for now, will update more about Windows Phone after a month or so.